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Apple Juice: The Apple of My Eye

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

By Maya Orenstein '23

Apple Juice has always been and always will be a fan favorite of the juice industry. Although it is stereotypically geared towards young children, apple juice can–and should be–enjoyed by anyone, regardless of size, age, and ego. The apple juice world is overpopulated with options, leaving consumers faced with impossible decisions. I have been in this very situation numerous times, staring at a shelf of juice unsure of what to pick, knowing my decision will either result in a happy ending or fatal consequences.


For many people when they think of apple juice, they think of Motts. A classic, reputable, safe go-to juice if you are feeling boring, basic, and unoriginal. Without a doubt, Motts knows what they are doing: compelling packaging, decent product, and the fact that Motts is a household name all contribute to their success. Motts apple juice gives off the same energy as the New England Patriots: they are so good and loved that they are overconfident, obnoxious, and annoying. If Motts is like the Patriots, the traditional, super-sweet taste is their Tom Brady: beloved and despised at the same time. Of the three juices, Motts came in at the cheapest price point for the most quantity. However, it is important to note that Motts comes in a large bottle, as opposed to the individual boxes or pouches the other apple juices came in. The large bottle is less accessible and convenient to take on the go, and, honestly, just does not taste as good. This was reflected in my family’s review, as there was still half a bottle remaining after it had been sitting on the counter for two days. Overall, I was satisfied but not impressed with this juice.


If you are looking for a reliable, tangy, citrusy, go-to juice, Juicy Juice is the one for you. With a catchy name, traditional juice box packaging, and a slightly tarter taste, Juicy Juice is obliterating its competitors. Juicy Juice’s immaculate crispness, coupled with the perfect balance of sweet and sour, has cracked the code for the perfect apple juice. You might not know the brand: so learn it! Juicy Juice is a fan favorite in my house. The entire eight pack was gone, not within days, but within hours of purchase. No more needs to be said.


The only way to describe the Capri Sun Organic Juice drink is as a tragic disappointment. Going in, I had high hopes as I generally enjoy Capri Suns; however, the apple juice flavor is not worth wasting your money on. My only regret was not seeing the red flags sooner. First of all, the packaging does not call it Apple Juice, rather “Juice drink,” which is extremely concerning and should have alerted me to stay away from the get-go. Secondly, it only has 66 percent juice, whereas its competitors are 100 percent juice, leaving the consumer to wonder, what is the other 33 percent? Of course, ignoring all these warning signs, after spending two minutes attempting to get my straw in the pouch, I take a sip of juice. The only description that comes to mind is disgusting pesticide water with a slight appley after taste. It was not even worth taking another sip; but I did. Yet another mistake, as it seemed to get even worse the second time. As the most expensive juice and from such a popular brand, I expected so much more! Clearly my family felt the same way since also, after being on the counter for two days, eight out of the ten pouches remained.

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