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Back in Business: The girls soccer team finds a new foundation

Updated: Feb 7

By Sarah Goldberg ’26 and Olivia Lutey ’26

It’s no secret that the GFS girls soccer team has been through some serious ups and downs in the past three years. The 2021 season ended with a Friends League Title, while the 2022 season was cut short after the team failed to qualify for the playoffs. The difference in results came down to one main factor: continuity. Over five senior starters graduated in 2021, leaving the 2022 team searching for a new identity. If that weren’t enough, three of the eight rising seniors could not play due to injuries and other personal reasons. With few seniors and an absence of juniors on the varsity team, there was a divide in the on-field chemistry between the experienced seniors and the young underclassmen who were still figuring out their roles on the team.

Quite a bit has changed this 2023 season. An extremely young varsity team has taken shape without a single senior on the varsity squad. The current juniors hold down the fort in the positions they’ve played in for two years now, while players ranging from 8th through 10th grade have assumed new roles and responsibilities on the field. With young and hopeful energy, the team has found a new charge of spirit and confidence going into their Friends League season. 

It is safe to say that the team can only grow from here, and that this year is only the start of more successful seasons with a nearly identical squad. With a team full of dedicated and committed players, it seems like at last GFS girls soccer is back in business.

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