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Fall Sports: Girl’s and Boy’s Soccer

Updated: Jan 30

By Alayah Campbell '25 and Claire Rigdon '25

Photo by Gabe Cohen

Sports. Not emphasized at GFS yet still the driving force behind some of the strongest communities across campus. GFS fall sports are a way for lowerclassmen, upperclassmen, and new students to connect and get to know each other from the beginning of the school year.

When asked what the most fulfilling part of being a captain is, Isaac Okewole ‘22, captain of the boys’ soccer team, said, “Connecting with the lowerclassmen and getting them comfortable being around us.” One could say, our fall sports are the foundation of our community at GFS as a whole. A crucial part of being a captain is crafting a safe space for your teammates to feel like home on and off the field. Will Turk ‘24, the boy’s soccer goalkeeper concurs, “Being part of the GFS Boys Soccer team is like a brotherhood. Even on days, we don’t wanna show up, we still do, because the boys are there for you.” This sense of community creates a purpose to players in all grade levels.It proved a safety net that is especially comforting when going through tough times or lacking motivation.

Furthermore, members of the boys and girls soccer team at GFS state that our teams are bonded by our shared hardships and obstacles throughout the season. The shared hardships and obstacles throughout the season are yet another source of bonding for both GFS soccer programs. Girls soccer captain Alessandra Fusaro ‘22 was asked to describe the culture of her team in three words:

“encouraging, bonded, and inclusive.”

Fusaro chose such words to express her feelings about the growth of the team through all of the ups and downs. “The hell that is pre-season with 2-hour practices in the extremely hot weather. While it’s painful we have overcome hardships and shared experiences together.” This creates a support system of shared experiences, allowing players to empathize and relate to each other on a whole new level.

Sports are unique at GFS, for a multitude of reasons. They provide students with a chance to exercise and enjoy doing activities they love. Most importantly, though, sports at GFS provide a stable foundation that often sprouts a well-linked, tight-knit community, and leave high schoolers with memories that will last a lifetime.

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